At the heart of Jano Raya Hotel

Steam Bath/ስቲም ባዝ

Take time to feel, think, and enjoy during your stay in Jano Raya Hotel. the access to the spa areas is included in the many inclusive services at our Jano Raya Hotel. At temperatures of 90°C you will experience holistic recreation for body, mind and soul. A positive side effect of a sauna is how it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation and the cardiovascular system. The lungs’ capacity will be improved and the blood vessels expand. The high level of fluid depletion boosts the detox effect.

Sauna Bath/ሳውና ባዝ

Relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints, flush toxins via sweating process, induce a deeper sleep, fight illness, clean the skin, burn calories and just feel good with the Sauna bath at our hotel.


Providing an array of flavors and aromas, Jano offers a simple and healthy dining choice of continental, Ethiopian traditional food, snacks and pastry items.

Roof Top Bar/ሩፍ ቶፕ ባር

At the top of our hotel is also an open-air rooftop bar where you can enjoy your stay having fresh, tasty and enjoyable foods along with smooth drinks and beverages.

Parking/ የመኪና ማቆምያ

Jano Raya Hotel offers off-site parking adjacent to the hotel.

Free Wifi/ ነፃ ዋይፋይ

Stay Happy, Stay connected with us. Our hotel understands every guests’ needs and with the growing technology era WiFi is one of the most important services that we provide. Our free WiFi internet service is available 24-hours* in lobby, meeting room, facilities and guest rooms.

Luxurious bed rooms/ ምቹ መኝታ ክፍሎች

We have luxurious and comfortable rooms at our hotel waiting for you. Our rooms are best located in the town view.

Special Occasions Celebrations/ ልዩ ክብረ በዐል

When special ocassions come, we set up anniversaries for your convenience. Order us and be happy of our service!